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Take part in this unique teambuilding activity, a virtual escape game which can be played from your own office or work location

You work for a top secret international security agency the IMF (Impossible Mission Force). A threat has arrived. Terrorists have released a virus that has infected the population, including your team. Death is imminent unless you can open the cryptex which contains the formula for the antidote.The cryptex is at HQ but impoossible to open without the password.
Professor Bruffington of the IMF has found the password for the antidote but died just after putting the formula for the antidote inside this Cryptex. He devised a series of tests that must be solved in order to open the cryptex (we have the cryptex at HQ) as to avoid the information falling into enemy hands. To find the password to the cryptex you must follow the instructions left by professor Bruffington in this booklet
The only hope of surviving and locating the password for the cryptex are within these pages. By using your ability to use logic, lateral thinking, skill and strategy find the antidote and save the city.
You have a set time in which to open the cryptex. You will need to work as a team to reach the end where the cryptex password is revealed. You must complete your mission by the deadline set… or you will be captured. In the case of capture,
the government will disavow any knowledge of your actions

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