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Music bingo is a fast-paced, entertaining activity to help your remote teams bond together in the name of music.

Music bingo is an original, remote teambuilding activity aimed at keeping your employees motivated and in which we swap the numbers for songs or pieces of music.
The teams will typically be formed by colleagues located in the same office or workspace who have access to an online video platform such as zoom or microsoft teams. These teams will be able to communicate with each other as well as watching them take part. The idea is to cross off the songs on your bingo sheet as you hear them and the winning team will be the first to cross off all their songs. To add to the fun there will also be some bonus challenges which will give the teams the opportunity to win some great virtual prizes.
We can organise this event for a minimum of 3 teams and up to 200 people can take part in any one game but please bear in mind that each bingo round lasts a maximum of 60 minutes.
Music themes and playlists will be personalised with the client in advance but musical themes include the following: Pop, rock, 1980s, film soundtracks, musical genres, hip hop, musical instruments, disco and many more.

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