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Draw and paint remotely in communication with your team.

The basic idea of this activity is for all the participants to produce works of art under the watchful eye of our artist and facilitators, who are available online at all times to help and advise. The workshop will begin with a short introduction and a dynamic, ice-breaking activity which will get people relaxed and communicating together.
For the main event, the group will be divided into 2 teams, the artists and the communicators. Artists will be given a short masterclass on drawing and colouring techniques, while the Communicators will be given a painting that they will then describe to the artist who will have to reproduce it. After a short brainstorming session, the communuicators will describe their Picasso, Miro, Dali, Da Vinci or personalised themed work of art and using A4 size paper, pencils, pastels and /or coloured pencils the aritists will have to re-produce the painting as accurately as possible. After a feedback session with our team, the roles are reversed and second work of art, usually in a totally different register, is produced.
As a finale there will be an open class where all the particiipants complete a creative challenge together under the gaze and with the instructions of the artist.

This is just one example of an online art activity and one which works very well for homeworkers who want to join up with their colleagues for a dynamic, online activity . If you are interested in personalising your workshop, we can arrange a free consultancy session with one of our resident artists in order to give you the best feedback and organise a bespoke activity just for your company.

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