Remote team painting

Creativity is intelligence having fun.

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When you step back and see the painting you and your team have created, you’ll be filled with a great sense of achievement, Trust in your hidden talent!

The basic idea of this activity is for each team to produce a painting under the watchful eye of our artist, who is available online at all times to help and advise. He or she will begin with a short introduction and some tips on exploiting the hidden, artistic talents of participant.
Each team will be given a sample famous paintings from different styles: Picasso, Miro, Dali, Da Vinci … and using an A3 size paper and supplied paints, water, each team will have to re-interpret the original painting in a distinct style. For example, it could be the Mona Lisa painted or drawn in a pop art style.
At the end of the activity each team will present their work of art to the colleagues so that everyone can see the fruits of their labours. They can also give some background information on their planning, their organisation and how each team member contributed.
This is just one example of an online painting activity. If you are interested in other artistic options, we will put you in contact with our resident artist so you can personalise your workshop.

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