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The “Hackathon” is a riddle and puzzle solving contest that guarantees to keep everyone in “solving frenzy” mode until the last second

We have created a new version of Hackathon that matches the needs of companies during corona virus lockdown and also when you need to have remote teams playing together.

The Scenario: Teams of extremely skilled hackers are gathered in a room for the absolute hacking showdown! The goal is to hack the code that unlocks the safe with the grand prize!

In order to achieve this each team will have to engage all their intelligence and imagination to solve exciting riddles and do it better that the rest of the teams.
During the first round, teams use their I-pad, tablet or smartphone to compete the tasks through our exclusive application. They register their answers through the app and see their scores live on the application scoreboard. During this round, they try to beat the other teams by correctly solving as many riddles and puzzles as possible in order to win points and alphabetical letters. These letters are then matched to special coded characters in order to translate a coded text that will boost their score

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Team with Olympic medals
Finishing the day with our winner's medals!