Who am I? Team presentations.

Teamwork is working together even when apart.

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This self analysing team building game helps participants focus on the core question of what makes an effective and happy virtual team.

What makes and effective and happy team?
In answering this, teams will discuss how they can improve their own teams in the current working environment.
Under the guidance of our Facilitators, the participants will first be shown a variety of images representing teams before being asked to outline the specific qualities of each team seen in the photos. Following on from this, teams are asked to discuss how the virtual office can be maximised to its fullest potential and how they can make their business work more effectively.
In a dymanic finale the participating teams will be asked to produce a team Curriculum Vitae with the aim of promoting their own skillset. They will need to bear in mind a number of factors such as qualifications, experience, and qualifications as well as more informal concepts such as hobbies and addtional skills. Once completed, each team will present their CVs and explain how they reach their conclusions.
This activity lasts between 1 or 1.5 hours depending on the numbers of teams taking part. Although we work principally with zoom we can offer the choice of whatever video platform your company is familiar with.

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