Laser combat in Barcelona

Prepare to enter battle with your colleagues and find out who are the greatest warriors in the office.

It is a new combat game that is experiencing the fastest growth around the world. It is based on the same principles as paintball or touchball and uses the latest technology in military training. The guns shoot an infrared light so that the game is totally harmless and does not cause bruising. There is no risk to the participants and no need for protective clothing or masks.

There are several types of missions which are adapted to the level of the participants. Some of the missions are: the mercenary, total elimination, VIP, all against all, catch the flag, find the black box, kidnapping and more. This activity is ideal for team building exercises, team games, birthday celebrations, bachelor parties or simply to get your heart racing.

This activity can also be combined with other events as part of a multi-activity day.

Thank you for your support over the weekend, everything worked out perfectly. Everyone really appreciated the professional service you provided – October 2013

Sarah Corbishley October, 2013

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