Tandem parachute jump

Take a leap of faith out of a plane at 4000 meters and feel the adrenalin rush for an experience of a life time.

The north of Catalonia near Barcelona, Spain, provides the perfect location for the tandem parachute jump is a way for groups to experience something more extreme. Jumping out of an aeroplane at 12,000 feet is not everyone’s idea of entertainment but the adrenalin buzz and exhilaration felt on reaching the ground is difficult to find in other activities.

The tandem parachute jump is completely safe as the fully qualified instructors strapped to your back control the whole descent and you also receive an obligatory safety briefing session for this activity beforehand.

We provide all transport to and from the venue and free of charge, a psychologist to help the doubters in the plane. Enjoy one of the craziest activities Barcelona Adventure provide.

Just wanna say a huge thank you for making this happen at such short notice. Mike and Dave were great and the guys enjoyed it very much. T.T. August 2012

Tony Townsend August 2012

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