Outdoor Escape Game

The outdoor escape game is based on the popular indoor escape room but is designed for multiple teams and larger groups and can take place in the park, around your hotel or in Barcelona city centre.

Each team has an Ipad which players must locate the hotspots by GPS to find as many clues as possible to decipher if they want to escape. The team must avoid the mines that trap them in and work out which ones are duds and which ones are live. Our innovative technology allows the teams to compete live against each other and who can outwit who in this fun activity.

This event is a great way of discovering Barcelona in a fun interactive way. The game can also be designed if time and travel is restricted and can always be designed around the corporate message or theme the company which wish to express. The outdoor escape game is particularly recommended for companies looking to focus on building communication skills and team problem solving.

Interested in this activity and would like to find out more? Would you like to discuss a bespoke solution? Just let us know.