Team towers

Learn a great Catalan tradition and bring your business team together, working towards a common goal.

Castle-building or castellers is a traditional Catalan custom which takes place all over the Catalan region. Our castle-building activity offers groups the chance to learn about this local custom while having fun working as part of a team.

This event focuses on many of fundamentals of company dynamics: team work, shared responsibilities, good leadership, rational planning and maintaining discipline.

Under the tuition of experts, human tower structures are designed and built. However, the participants start from the very beginning with a little history about this custom before learning the basic technical and organisational concepts, such as planning, design and execution of the final structure.

All the participants are dressed in traditional costume including la faixa, the cloth that is wrapped around the waist, and everyone is encouraged to get involved in the process of building the tower.

The advantage of this event is that we can take it more or less anywhere – your hotel, restaurant, the beach or even your own special location. It can also be combined with a lunch afterwards where the experts can give you some feedback on the day.

El feedback de todos los participantes ha sido muy positivo, así muchas gracias otra vez por vuestra ayuda!

Doris Bochsler Vistaprint, January 2013

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