Experience the wild nature reserves of Catalonia from 1000 metres in the air.

We offer passenger flights in hot air balloons for small groups who want to experience this unique event. This consists of a flight over the area of Vic (Osona – Catalonia) or other areas of Catalonia (where such flights are permitted), mostly over countryside and small towns.

It is an active excursion which lasts a whole morning, beginning in the early morning (from 7.00a.m. in summer and from 9.00a.m. in winter) so as to avoid the maximum effects of the sun’s heating of the atmosphere. It consists of a flight of more than an hour, followed by a typical brunch in one of the farmhouses which are characteristic of the area. Finally, passengers receive a Diploma, signed by the pilot, certifying their participation on the flight.

A big thank you to all the team at Barcelona Adventure for making our event a success. We hope to return one day.

Christelle Del Casson ExxonMobil, April 2011

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