Segway Tours

Our Barcelona Segway tours are an ideal way to discover Barcelona’s extensive beachfront and port areas.

Groups will given a short training session before beginning the tour – fundamental for people who have never been on a Segway as a little practice is required.

Under the guidance of our monitor, the tour gives you the chance to Visit the Olimpic Harbour, Barcelona’s beaches, see Frank Gehry´s golden fish sculpture, the Columbus statue and Mariscal’s giant Lobster sculpture, to name but just a few of the sites.

Tours can be adapted to suit, both in length and in content but it is important to note that the segway tours stick to special lanes and at no stage do they take to the open road.
The segways can also be used in combination with other events and are frequently incorporated into our Treasure Hunt activities.

Finally, please bear in mind that this type of activity is not suited to large groups as we are only allowed to have a certain amount of Segways operating at one time.

A nice experience and an interesting way to explore Barcelona

Peter Degen Philips, September 2011

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