Can you teambuild in 20 minutes?

This was a question we were recently presented with at Barcelona Adventure for a company who, under strict time pressure, wanted to include a team activity in their already busy agenda.

The result of 20 minutes of intense teambuilding.

Querer es poder is a familiar Spanish phrase familiar to all event companies asked to once again re-invent the wheel and with the help of our creative department we came up with a dynamic building challenge for a large team from the construction sector who had to recreate a famous Barcelona landmark from some basic materials. Why we would all like a longer period of time to put together and manage the perfect event it is possible, maybe as a warm up, a re start or even as a suprise activity to break up the monotany of a long meeting by including a briefing acvtity within the programme.

This event was based on a construction theme but we are confident we can come up with something original and exciting for your 20 minute window.

It was nice working with you too and all the participants had a blast! Léa Giraud Chargée de projets Evimages

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