Paella Challenge

Teams work together to produce one of Spain’s most popular dishes in a relaxed although sometimes competitive environment.

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Paella team building activity in Barcelona.

The paella challenge is a great team activity as each team attempt to make some of Spain’s most renowned dishes for lunch/dinner under the guidance of our expert chefs.

The objective is to produce one of Spain’s most popular dishes in a relaxed although sometimes competitive environment. This is an entertaining and dynamic activity which aims to get groups working together as a team and overcoming linguistic and communicative hurdles along the way.

Please note that since the idea is to produce a 3 course meal between the group so not everyone will be preparing the paella. However, everyone gets to try all of the dishes.

You can start with a shopping game in the famous Boqueria market, where each team will have to but some ingredients, before continuing with the cooking experience and finishing the adventure enjoying the menu prepared in a friendly and casual atmosphere. The shopping part of the event is not obligatory, however, and should time be a problem then you can begin directly with the cooking.

For the second part of the activity, the teams are transferred to a private kitchen in the heart of the Gothic Quarter where they have to prepare a three course meal, including a paella, or other chosen dish, within a set time limit and with the given ingredients The instructions on how to make the paella can be given in English or, the more challenging option, in Spanish (with a dictionary for each team to help with translation).

For the groups who want to make it more competitive, the dishes can be judged and marked by the chefs on the following criteria: Organisation, presentation and of course taste. Once the whole activity has finished the food is eaten by the clients in a more informal atmosphere where the groups can mix and socialise over a glass of wine.

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