City Treasure Hunt

The Barcelona Treasure hunt is a fantastic way to explore and discover the center of Barcelona in a fun, competitive and innovative way.

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team pose during a treasure hunt.

Explore the best that Barcelona has to offer in this unique, competition-based sightseeing activity.

The treasure hunt that we recommend is an excellent, exciting way to discover Barcelona whilst working and collaborating in a team. Furthermore, it is a challenging experience as well as an intellectual and physical workout that draws out each players knowledge and personality.

Each of our treasure hunts is tailor made as we understand that every client is different. For this reason we currently offer Modernist, Gastronomic, Historical and Multi- Activity Hunts and we are more than happy to incorporate your company’s motif and personal ideas into any event.

The time of the event varies but the typical time scale is between 2 and 4 hours. It can also be combined with a lunch stop.

Your group will be divided into teams, (by ourselves if necessary but usually by the company) given a briefing of the activity and an information pack containing: A map, a pen, a digital camera, a list of questions to be answered or challenges and some money which is needed to make various purchases.

Tasks that have to be completed include: Answering some general knowledge and cryptic questions. Taking photos of buildings, events and the team performing various tasks during the event. Overcoming various language problems. Buying objects from the famous Boqueria market and searching for requested items. Each team will also be required to pass through manned controlled points in order to complete some exciting team challenges.

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