4x4 Off Road

Put your driving ability to the test as you go offroad through the diverse and scenic terrain of the Catalan countryside.

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Power drive and control your jeep through the rugged Spanish countryside, as you cross over logs, streams and rocks.

The Barcelona Adventure Company offers you the opportunity to discover and experience everything that the Catalan countryside has to offer, through our exciting 4×4 off-road driving adventure tours. These Excursions in 4×4 allow you to test your driving ability and admire the beautiful Catalan scenery at the same time.

The tour involves driving through a very scenic & diverse terrain such as meandering through streams, the hilly woodlands, and the vast plains of vineyards of the Cava growing region of Spain.

The 4×4 off-road adventure tours can be both half and full day trips in a variety of locations to suit your schedule and your requirements.

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