Improvisation Workshop

The Improv Workshop is a fantastic creative activity for groups. This fun event is designed to unleash innovation, creativity and dynamic scenarios.

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Our online Improv Workshop is a fantastic team building activity for groups located in different offices who want to participate in a unique event.

The Improv Workshop is a fantastic team building activity for groups. The event is designed by our improv team to bring out innovation, creativity and dynamic scenarios so everybody has fun.

The activity produces twists of spontaneity and positive surprises that can be used to identify communication issues, confidence building and problem solving.

Improvisation is often associated with comedy, theatre and being on stage. Here at Barcelona Adventures we use Improv as a strong team-building tool where people can have fun and create together instant and successful outcomes.

Through Improv we provide creative and dynamic alternatives working as a team, to get to know each other and discover new ways to face different challenges. To make this happen we use different Improv strategies, games and activities to focus on a specific topic such as team building, confidence, listening, communication, creativity etc.

The workshop can lead to a performance at the end, fun games, competition, icebreakers and/or training dynamics. All of these and more can be arranged in our improv workshop. We create custom programs that fit your unique goals.

  • Our workshop offers:

  • Communication Skills

  • Creativity in business

  • Team Problem Solving

  • Risk-Taking

  • Leadership Skills

  • Focus

  • Meeting Kick-offs – Energize Your Big Get-Together

  • Creativity & Innovation

  • Teamwork & Communication

  • Conflict Management

We are now offering this activity on the ground in Barcelona as well as virtually.

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