The Barcelona Mystery Tour

This original team activity is based on the life and works of Civil Engineer, City Planner and sometimes Politician Ildefons Cerdà. Can you discover the secrets that lie hidden in his plans as you visit some of Barcelona’s most iconic locations?

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In the 1850s a booming Barcelona was confined by medieval walls and its claustrophobic maize of narrow streets.

Ildefons Cerdà would ultimately be responsible for designing the Eixample district which gives the city famous its famous grid pattern.
In our original game you will follow in his footsteps as you discover must-see attractions such as the Gothic Quarter, Palau de la Música, Casa Batlló and Plaza Catalunya.

Your objective is to solve puzzles along the route using a set of essential engineering tools and by finding information hidden in Barcelona’s buildings and streets.

Each team will be given a bag containing a map, a book with all the tasks you need to complete, the instruments you need to solve each task and a notebook in which to write down your discoveries.

Will you be able to find all the secrets that Cerdà hid in his work?
This activity lasts a maximum of 2 hours, and each participant takes away a souvenir if they solve all the puzzles. Large groups will be divided into teams of around 6 people.

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