The Silent Disco

The Silent disco is great fun where everybody can dance to their choice of music without external noise. Perfect for Galas, beach parties and even meeting rooms.

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Choose your music and dance! The silent disco is great fun where everybody can enjoy the night.

The silent disco is an event where a special pair of noise-canceling headphones is worn by everybody in the group. Then, as individuals, you can choose one of the multiple channels of music to dance to.

So the people around you are dancing to different songs at the same time which makes it great fun. As there is a selection of different types of music then there is more chance people will dance and enjoy themselves especially when you can have a variety of different cultures and age groups in one group.

This activity is great for Gala dinners, restaurants and even meeting rooms especially if noise is an issue with your surrounding environment because there is none. As different types of music are available everybody can choose their preference and groove to different rhythms simultaneously.

The headphones can also be used for ice breaking activities and outdoor presentations where noise could be an issue. The headphones can be adapted to many unique situations to help with any aspect of your event.

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