Multi Activity Beach Day

The challenges are diverse and require skills such as intelligence, strength, balance, speed and lateral thinking.

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We create your own multi activity beach day for your company event, offering you a large variety of games and challenges.

This is a sports & recreational day in its purist form. A purely active experience without the need for specific physical preparation,where the client can select the activities chosen according to their objectives and groups characteristics.

To make sure that no one is at a big disadvantage, we include both physical, mental and skills tasks and the winning team will be the one who can best compete in all of the tasks.

Perhaps the most popular place for the Olympics is the beach, especially in the summer months, and we can organise a great event for both small and large groups.

Typical games include giant Volleyball, tower construction, sandcastle sculptures, Obstacle course, relay races, beach golf and three legged football.

For larger groups, we can rent a stadium for the day to give the event more authenticity as well as offering a beach location with lunch and refreshments.

What they say

My colleagues told me that everything was really good ! Thank you for your work on our project. I will contact you when we will have another one in Barcelona as I we have more demand for your activities.

Steve Barraud Amaris, March 2012

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The team with their winning mosaic
The champions of the mosaic challenge