Drum Workshop

Empower your team with a methodology that demands concentration, teamwork, communication, creativity and leadership.

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Bring out the musicians in everyone as you bring people closer through the rhythm of drums.

Our drum workshop delivers high-impact, interactive management learning. By combining the elemental language of African drumming with twenty-first-century training techniques, participants can learn quickly, emotionally and deeply.

Now available in Barcelona, this activity will empower your entire team, using its unique interactive methodology that demands concentration, teamwork, communication, creativity and leadership from all participants.

We are extremely flexible and can work with groups of five to 5,000 people. All programmes are tailor-made to suit the specific needs of each client and have been designed to ensure unlimited scope for flexibility and innovation.

We can also offer keynote speakers who draw on the art and tradition of African music, drumming and rhythm to demonstrate to audiences the enduring relevance of fundamental human values in all aspects of life.

Whether your goal is to promote teamwork, develop leaders, launch a new product or to energise or reward your existing team, our drumming workshop management development sessions will deliver tangible, relevant results – with surprising impact.

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