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Divided into small, breakout groups and under the direction of our Rumba experts, participants will learn, create and perform their new found Remba beats.

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Rumba is a type of music developed initially by the Gypsy community in Barcelona in the 1950’s and it is loosely defined as a mixture of Flamenco, Cuban music and rock and roll.

The fusion is based around flamenco locals, Latin rhythms, hand claps and a variety of backing instruments including guitars, bongos, symbols, drums and in some cases electric keyboards.

Perhaps the most famous exponents of this genre are the Gypsy Kings and Los Manolos, who introduced the music to an international audience in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

In this dynamic and original activity the participants will be divided into small groups where they will learn a certain aspect of rumba under the supervision of professional musicians. Once these breakout groups have reached a respectable level, they will be into bigger groups to combine their sounds and rhythms. Working in a team and listening to the instructions from the experts will be fundamental in making sure that the sounds come together.

For the grand finale, all the groups will come together to perform live Rumba, normally with spectacularly successful results.

For an encore, the group will get to listen to the professionals perform to see how it is really done, although they are encouraged to join in to create a party atmosphere.

Although discipline and teamwork are fundamental in making this activity work the emphasis is also on having fun and letting off some steam. For this reason, it is an ideal post meeting activity and it has the added advantage of being very flexible – we can bring the event your meeting room, your restaurant or we can find the ideal space that fits in with your requirements.

For an encore, the group will get to listen to the professionals to see how it is really done.

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Great to meet your team in Barcelona and thanks for all your help in organising our event, we had a very enjoyable time.

Roger Gray Airbus, October 2017

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