The Christmas Apprentice

Inspired by the TV programme of the same name, teams complete 3 Christmas- themed challenges in the allocated time and within the set budget.

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Will you be a Chistmas Cracker or soggy pudding?

Still looking for a dynamic and orginal activity for your company this Christmas time? The Christmas Apprentice event is a fun and competitive team building event, inspired by the successful television series and now organised in Barcelona.

In a specially adapted Christmas Edition we will divided your company into teams in order to complete in 3 festive challenges (a Christmas based video, a creative task testing teamwork and budget control, as well as a challenge to raise money for a Christmas charity) For each challenge there will be an allocated time and set budget. Team responsibilities will need to be allocated for each task with project leaders changing for each challenge. The team members will need to negotiate, agree on the organisation and successfully implement the task. True leadership potential may be uncovered.

During a period of 3 hours (depending on the time you have available) each team must successfully complete 3 pre-designed tasks and as they do so they will be closely monitored by Jordi and his team of experts.

The festive tasks will be challenging but entertaining and will require the teams to integrate with the local community and businesses to achieve their goals as successfully as possible.

Once all the tests have finished Jordi will call all the groups together for a thorough feedback session where he will let the teams know, in no uncertain terms, who is a success and who has failed.

What they say

This event was the best one I’ve ever participated in. Kudos to your team for running it so smoothly! I’ve had only super positive feedback from your team, we had an amazing time

Tina Aiello Dotmatics, January 2020

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