Creative Painting

This artistic activity brings out the creativity talents of the team to produce your own masterpiece.

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Discover your inner Picasso as you learn the secrets to being a great artist.

In this activity we aim to bring out that creative streak that you didn’t even know you had. Under the supervision of our artists, you will be divided into teams and given a painting task to complete. The expert supervisors will help you exploit your creative side in order to produce a work of art that you can be proud of. The aim is to produce a canvas which you can take home with you.

Before the event begins all the participants will be given a short talk on the objectives and some useful ideas on focusing, incorporating a variety of artistic stills and using a variety of techniques.

The painting classes and workshops can be treated as a competitive event or as something a bit more relaxed where the emphasis is on having fun. In order to maximize the creativity, we look for the ideal venue for this event such as the rooftop of a building, a park or large, artistic studio. However, this is also an event that we can bring to you should you already have the ideal location.

We can also provide a food and drink during the activity and even have it videoed or photographed.

Feedback from previous groups has been extremely positive and even the non artists have been pleasantly surprised by what can be achieved.

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